Midiman driver for Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur

midi driver midiman midisport mac

I’ve got a little Midiman 1x1 Sport that I love using. It uses phantom power and is small enough to haul around if needed. I have other gear that I can use to replace it, but I wanted to keep using this device.

The Midiman 1x1 Sport does NOT work with Mac OS Catalina, or Big Sur without a 64 bit driver update. There is NO updated driver from the manufacturer.

Well I did some searching last night and found that Leigh Smith created an updated 64 bit driver for the midi unit. This means it won’t be a useless piece of gear if you upgrade to Mac OS Catalina or Big Sur!

Kudos Leigh Smith and THANK YOU! The link to download the driver is below!

By the way, I tested this on my MacBook Pro (Early 2015) running Big Sur 11.2.2. It worked great when I opened up Logic Pro X while connected to my old Korg X3.