Beginning today September 3, 2017, if you purchase Long Way from Home via I will donate my portion of the sale to the Houston Food Bank and Operation Finally Home. I will do this through the end of day October 3, 2017, and possibly longer.

You might wonder why you have to purchase from The short answer is I get paid more for each sale on CDBaby. If you purchase a single song for .99 I get paid .90 If you purchase the entire Long Way from Home project at $9.99, I get $9.09.  That’s more money than other digital download sites pay.  So the more we collect the more we send to the two charities shown above.

The Long Way from Home CD contains 12 original songs written and recorded by your’s truly.  You essentially pay for 10 songs, but you get 12 if you purchase the whole at $9.99.  You can purchase the entire set, or you can purchase a single song. It’s up to you.

Please share this post so that we can get as much involvement as possible.  I will be posting the results of the sales around October 4, so that you can see what was raised and what was sent to the respective charity.  If you aren’t interested in my offer, please donate to the charities above, or to a church you trust will spend your hard earned dollar to help those in need.

Thank you, and God Bless.

Billy Wayne Cater


LongWayFromHomeCoverLong Way from Home, Released July 11, 2017, featuring 12 original songs.