I grew up just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but in 2006, I left to pursue new opportunities in Nashville, Tennessee. Today my wife and I call the Greater Nashville area home.

I’m a singer / songwriter,  but isn’t everyone in Nashville? As a teenager, I learned to play guitar in South Louisiana thanks to a friend who took lessons and was kind enough to share his fingering notes. I also spent time listening to vinyl records  learning to imitate what I heard. I still largely play by ear.

Today I am an ASCAP member, and have over 100 songs in my personal portfolio. All these years later, I still love sitting down and playing / writing.

Creativity doesn’t stop with my music! I love to pencil landscapes and draw caricatures of folks. I started getting serious about doing caricatures in 2013, and a few years later I have done hundreds of them. You can view many of them via my Instagram account. I also love to paint using watercolors.

Finally, I believe in and trust Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, as the Redeemer. He is the hope for our lost and hurting world.