Catching up

development mac

The cold wind stirs and the sleeting rain pours just outside my window. I long for spring temperatures and more sunlight. Some prep work has been done around the house and yard in faith that the 2022 garden season will bear a fresh beautiful batch of vegetables. My wife and I enjoy our time together working in our garden.

Since I posted my ‘Something New, Something Old’ post back in November 2021, I have been continuing on my trek learning Elixir, and functional programming. Let me just say that the more I tinker with it, the more I get excited by how it does what it does so easily.

Today I saw an example of interprocess communication that took two or three minutes to setup and see working. It is one thing to see someone in a video do it, but to do it yourself, well it feels really good. Elixir syntax is very elegant and it is fast. I am running Elixir and doing my development on a MacBook Air M1.

With that said, I took the plunge last weekend and updated my Mac to MacOS Monterey. I don’t usually jump on OS updates very early. I am usually waiting on driver updates from music gear manufacturers on which I depend! So far, so good! I like the update.

Pssst! One more note about the Mac and Elixir. I don’t worry about exhausting battery life or my system resources because of the M1 processor. There are some tools I use that consume resources faster than others. Elixir, from what I can tell, is really efficient with system resources. My battery life when working with Elixir seems to go on forever!