Chasing the Wind

I sat down to test my Focusrite 18i8 after upgrading to Mac OS Mojave. I recorded this acoustic guitar piece as a test of things. I hope you like it…


When I Am Not Songwriting…

I don’t post this kind of stuff all that much like I once did. When I am not songwriting, I really enjoy sketching and painting with watercolors. Below is a small postcard sized piece that I did a couple of days back after a long day. If you like it you can follow me for more art work on Instagram —


Pretty Little Lies

Sometimes it seems there is something other than what is seen at face value driving decisions that make headlines in the world news, and even local headlines. Thirst for money, control, or something else pushes so many things. Truth is still absolute. Truth is not muddied by the currents of public opinion.