What would you name this tune? Also, what genre do you think describes it?



The Tractor

Yesterday I did this one before heading to bed. 4″x 6″ Strathmore 140lb. Paper used.

Just Being Together

This evening I spent some time working in Logic Pro X. I really was sitting down to tinker and unwind. Music does that for me. Well I wrote this little instrumental piece on one of my electric guitars. I hope you like it.  The title comes from just spending time with my loving wife.

Flowers and Vase

I sat down yesterday after getting home and digitally painted this piece using ArtRage 5, in oil paint mode, and a Wacom Intuos.

Wild Horses (Acoustic Guitar)

Continuing the theme of acoustic guitar instrumentals, here’s an idea I worked on tonight — Wild Horses. I imagine wild horses running hard and free, a dust storm formed from their collective hooves. No glass slides, or guitars, were harmed in the making of this piece.