Acoustic Memories (instrumental)

I’ve been under the weather for a while, but here’s proof that I am still alive. I sat down and recorded this today using ProTools First, a Focusrite 18i8, and my old guitar, a Taylor 414ce.

I hope you enjoy…


3 thoughts on “Acoustic Memories (instrumental)

  1. I’m glad the feedback was helpful. I hoped that I had not been to “teacher-ish.” I totally get the outlet that playing the guitar after a long day at work provides. How do people who don’t play music get by?!? Good luck with your revision!

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  2. Sixstrstories you have good ears! To be candid the original rhythym guitar track went south. I was running out of time before I really needed to call it a day, so I sliced up the rhythym track. It helped to throw off the feel. You are correct in saying that it should have led back to the opening tune as it closed. I hope to sit down again and re-record this one. Thank you for listening, and for the feedback. Some of these little pieces come after a long day at work; it’s an outlet. 😀

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  3. Sounds really good! I am curious though: it sounds like you’re improvising over the chord progression rather than presenting a more composed piece. Is that so? I mention this because I liked the opening melody and was disappointed that it did not return at the end. There was an especially nice mood shift at about the 2:15 mark, which I thought was going to be a “bridge” that would then lead back to that opening tune. Whatever, it was a most enjoyable listen.


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