Being Honest

If I told you, would you believe, that I recorded my last two music projects (Long Way from Home and No Where Fast) at my home in a little room that I have set aside as a project studio?  Would you be further surprised if I told you that I sang all of the background vocals, played all of the guitars, keyboards, bass tracks, and some harmonica? Would you shake your head if I told you that I mixed and mastered the tracks painstakingly myself? Would you say to yourself that explains a lot?

By knowing this does it make you think less of my music, or does it make you appreciate it more? A musician honestly wants to know these things. An artist type wants to be liked and his work loved. A songwriter want’s people to play his music!

I could tell you that I don’t have a budget for studio recording time, nor for  mixing / mastering work. I could tell you that I don’t have an strategic step by step game plan for marketing. I could give you the excuses for why I did it myself. I won’t! (Now you are reading this and saying, but you just did!!! #LOL)

Simply I ask you to hit the online venue where you get music, put on your headphones, and to give me a listen!  Tell me what you like, and what you don’t! (Be gentle if you don’t like it! I put my heart into this stuff!)

Being honest.


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