What Do You Do?

Recently someone asked me what do I do for a living? I laughed and responded whatever they tell me to do!  The questioner didn’t seem to get my sense of humor immediately, so she asked again!

By day I am a software developer working for a medium sized office products company in Nashville, Tennessee. After hours, I write music, sing, play guitar, and attempt to play piano, bass guitar, and harmonica, but not all at the same time! (Just kidding on that last part!)  I also sketch, draw caricatures of friends, and paint using watercolor. I am also an avid photographer still using my old trusty Nikon D-70, and nowadays my iphone 7 plus!

In the past I have had some people from other cultural viewpoints all but say I am crazy. They think an individual should focus entirely on one thing for the lifetime!  While I understand that premise, and I think that many of the world’s exceptional standouts in a given field testify to the principle, I cannot imagine my life any other way.

Is it that I get bored easily and therefore have to change my attention? Is it that I have ADHD? or could it simply be that I love life and I love creating in an array of ways and means and have a need to express myself through those means? I believe it is the latter!

Would I give up some of the varied focus points to sharpen and exists larger in others? Yes, I would love to be mostly known for my art work or my music.  While I love creating software, it has been a means to an end. I have fed my family and myself using this path, but music and art have long kept me sane in our crazy world.

So what do you do?   🙂


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