City Streets on Youtube

If you wanna listen to City Streets via YouTube / YouTube Music here you go…


City Streets

I wrote and recorded this instrumental piano / guitar piece this afternoon, City Streets. After recording it and sitting back listening to it, I could invision walking misty city streets at night under the glow of street lights and busy sidewalks.


On Hold

I love jazz music. I love piano. In general, I love instrumentals. I’ve been working on my piano skills and plan to keep doing so. The tune below is a work in progress (no bass, etc).

My oldest daughter told me that the following track sounds like the music one hears when they are on hold, hence the name. Without further ado…


Being Honest

If I told you, would you believe, that I recorded my last two music projects (Long Way from Home and No Where Fast) at my home in a little room that I have set aside as a project studio?  Would you be further surprised if I told you that I sang all of the background vocals, played all of the guitars, keyboards, bass tracks, and some harmonica? Would you shake your head if I told you that I mixed and mastered the tracks painstakingly myself? Would you say to yourself that explains a lot?

By knowing this does it make you think less of my music, or does it make you appreciate it more? A musician honestly wants to know these things. An artist type wants to be liked and his work loved. A songwriter want’s people to play his music!

I could tell you that I don’t have a budget for studio recording time, nor for  mixing / mastering work. I could tell you that I don’t have an strategic step by step game plan for marketing. I could give you the excuses for why I did it myself. I won’t! (Now you are reading this and saying, but you just did!!! #LOL)

Simply I ask you to hit the online venue where you get music, put on your headphones, and to give me a listen!  Tell me what you like, and what you don’t! (Be gentle if you don’t like it! I put my heart into this stuff!)

Being honest.


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What Do You Do?

Recently someone asked me what do I do for a living? I laughed and responded whatever they tell me to do!  The questioner didn’t seem to get my sense of humor immediately, so she asked again!

By day I am a software developer working for a medium sized office products company in Nashville, Tennessee. After hours, I write music, sing, play guitar, and attempt to play piano, bass guitar, and harmonica, but not all at the same time! (Just kidding on that last part!)  I also sketch, draw caricatures of friends, and paint using watercolor. I am also an avid photographer still using my old trusty Nikon D-70, and nowadays my iphone 7 plus!

In the past I have had some people from other cultural viewpoints all but say I am crazy. They think an individual should focus entirely on one thing for the lifetime!  While I understand that premise, and I think that many of the world’s exceptional standouts in a given field testify to the principle, I cannot imagine my life any other way.

Is it that I get bored easily and therefore have to change my attention? Is it that I have ADHD? or could it simply be that I love life and I love creating in an array of ways and means and have a need to express myself through those means? I believe it is the latter!

Would I give up some of the varied focus points to sharpen and exists larger in others? Yes, I would love to be mostly known for my art work or my music.  While I love creating software, it has been a means to an end. I have fed my family and myself using this path, but music and art have long kept me sane in our crazy world.

So what do you do?   🙂