Several years ago I was running my own business, South Trace Media Company, doing graphic design, photography, and web development as it pertained to the Nashville music scene. Working mainly in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack technology wise, I purchased web hosting from a California based provider.  It was easy to justify the dollars spent on web hosting as it was part of the cost of doing business.

Eventually I took a position with a Nashville based company and closed up shop with regard to South Trace Media Company.  I found myself not wanting to pay hundreds of dollars to host a simple static one page personal website.

At first I simply dumped my HTML, javascript and related images on my ISP’s (Internet Service Provider)  box which allowed me so much server space for such things. I then routed my URL ( to the page on the ISP’s box.  Easy enough!!!

Well my ISP must have gotten into the business of web hosting for $$$, or they simply wanted to get rid of the functionality for some other reason.  One day I got an email detailing that within three months my folder and content would be zapped!

With that in mind I began a search to find free web hosting. Ok, let me rephrase that, I started a search for free reliable web hosting without lots of strings. I began to wonder early on in my search where the freebie sites of days gone by were?  Even now as I write this entry, I fail to remember their names. Perhaps you still remember them.

By now you might be thinking to yourself, there are still freebie web hosting sites out there. You’re right! As I studied some of free web hosting sites, as well as some of the more affordable web hosting sites, I got leery of many of them. I surfed through a tidal way of web site reviews. (If you wish to validate your thinking on a product, a service, or some cause you are only a browser click away to find support for your opinion!)  After surviving the review tsunami I came away even more so really just wanting simple hosting.

Let me say for the record I even stumbled across articles on how to hack DropBox and  Google Drive to host your html / javascript based one page website. I tried it to see if it was really a viable alternative. I figured, when it failed, that both DropBox and Google had closed that loophole before I had gotten there. 🙂

Before I give away the solution to my problem let me fill you in with the disclaimer part that describes my finite needs. I write code for a living, so I simply wanted a host that could make it easy for me to add my content, which is of a small volume (not 20GB).  I can post files to my DropBox account, videos to YouTube, and images to Instagram.  I also wanted easy setup and manageability.

The conclusion was for me to use a free site, paying a mere $13 per year to let me use their name servers to update my domain name registrar information which is also called domain mapping. Now when you hit you are hitting WordPress.

For me this is a great option! If my needs change I can upgrade to additional options within the WordPress platform. This might be a good option for you too!  Take a look…